Undercover Angels, Day 8: Loving Acts

Day 8 of Undercover Angels – Loving Acts

loving acts, minneapolis, acupuncture, chinese medicine, light workers, undercover angelsToday is the start of phase two in our undercover adventure! I hope you are feeling more full and abundant after your week of self care. This week we will begin to do loving acts for people in our immediate surroundings. That could be people or critters you live with, work with, communicate with – those that are in your immediate circle.

Today let’s help someone in our lives – secretly. It can be big or small – but try to do it in a way where no one will know you helped them but you. See if you can pull off a secret act of kindness. This should be fun, because you may have to be crafty!!!

When you are doing it – try to hold that person in your heart. Wrap them in a blanket of love. Let their heart know that they are precious and feel how blessed you are to have them in your life, and how lucky you are to be able to do this kindness.

Wondering what an Undercover Angel is? Are you interested in reclaiming your power and helping create more love and light in our world?  Read more here.