Leaps of Faith

It is an incredible honor to step into Red Cricket. For years, when we talked about what our dream practice would look like, Red Cricket came up. Joi’s methods, values, the space and care she offered her patients, felt aligned with what we wanted to build. Joi resonated with us. When she reached out to us about taking over her practice, it was amazing. We hope folks will continue to experience the level of love, care, and support they have come to expect from Red Cricket.

Improving the Health of Our Community

We are passionate about being a positive force for good in our community.

We believe it is our sacred duty to support your health so you can be the positive force of good and love in your family and community. When you are healthy in both body and soul you can more fully participate in your life. Your community needs all of you!

Our acupuncturists focus exclusively on Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) so our holistic health solution is personalized according to each individual’s unique combination of symptoms and overall health. A program is then developed to treat the underlying root cause. Our remedies stimulate and enhance each individual’s innate healing capacity, rather than supplant it. In the end, we enable our customers to maintain sustainable wellness on their own.