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Initial Consultation   

Your first appointment includes a holistic assessment to determine the appropriate treatment plan. This visit will take approximately 90 minutes.

Price does not include the cost of herbs.

Solo Acupuncture   

On all follow-up appointments a progress evaluation completed. This is followed by acupuncture and other needed therapies. The time of these visits will vary between 30 and 60 minutes. Price does not include the cost of herbs.

**We accept HealthPartners insurance, Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and auto accident insurance**


Revitalizing Facial Acupuncture

Revitalizing Facial Acupuncture is a safe, painless and effective treatment for renewing the face as well as the whole body. Fine lines may be entirely erased, deeper lines reduced and bags around neck and eyes firmed. Fine needles are placed at a variety of acupuncture points on the face, neck and around the eyes to stimulate the body’s natural energies, or Qi. Since muscle groups are addressed as well the acupuncture points, the face lifts itself, via the acupuncture points, through the muscles’ toning and tightening action. The needles also stimulate blood and circulation, which improves facial color.



▪ Improves acne (caused by hormonal imbalance)
▪ Helps menopause, perimenopause, PMS and other GYN issues
▪ Helps sinus congestion and headache
▪ Improves hyper- and hypothyroidism
▪ Reduces symptoms of toothache, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, and Bell’s palsy

▪ Helps headaches (except severe migraine)
▪ Treats diarrhea and constipation (and most digestive issues)
▪ Helps to eliminate edema and puffiness
▪ Benefits eyes, ears and brain
▪ Can help insomnia and dizziness
▪ Helps depression and aids self-esteem


▪ Improves collagen production and muscle tone
▪ Helps reduce bags and sagging tendencies
▪ Helps eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles

▪ Helps reduce double chin and lift drooping eyelids
▪ Improves metabolism

▪ Tightens pores and brightens eyes
▪ Increases local blood and lymph circulation
▪ Improves facial color
▪ Reduces stress and promotes total health and well-being

To learn more and see if Revitalizing Facial Acupuncture is a good fit for you, please schedule a 15min complimentary consultation.