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Words About Joi Thomas, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M., MSOM

Joi is thoughtful and intuitive in her approach. She has experience in treating so many issues. She is caring and skilled. The Chinese herbs and other supplements are a great aid to the healing process.

– Cheri A

First and foremost, Joi is a fantastic person. When you are greeted by her on your first treatment, you know that it will be so easy to talk with her. The healing energy she has is immediately evident. I felt like i was instantly calmer after sitting with her for a minute. Her goal is also empowerment. While she has this great knowledge, she want to pass it on to you, allowing you to help yourself and get back on track. That, I am convinced, is one of the most powerful things about acupuncture.

– Gabrielle R

I have been seeing Joi regularly for the last year for headaches, stress, and hormonal issues. Not only does she listen carefully to me to make sure she is getting what I am saying, she always has great suggestions for me and a lot of compassion about how I am trying to balance everything. I so appreciate her and am so grateful that I found her!

– K.L.S.

I went to Joi after becoming exasperating with Western medicine. I had been experiencing severe women’s health concerns that led to issues with fertility. After combining acupuncture, CTM, massage, and yoga for several weeks…we became pregnant naturally. This was after attempting several months of fertility treatments with no luck and intolerable side effects. Joi has been supportive, intuitive, and knowledgeable in her guidance and treatment approach. I would highly recommend her!!

– E.R.

As a Personal Trainer & Fitness Professional my job is to help other people live, healthier, happier lives. It was nice to meet another professional who is dedicated to doing the same.

I had been told that microscopic shoulder surgery was becoming the best option for me. After my first visit with Joi, I knew that surgery would not be necessary. I immediately had a greater ROM and felt less pain than I had in months. Thank you Joi!

– Scott Sutherlin

I had my very first acupuncture appointment yesterday for anxiety and depression and I feel a little better already! I was pretty nervous at first but joi say and talked to me for a while first which was much more relaxing. Last night was the first night in a while that I had very little anxiety before bed in a while. I also feel much calmer today using pressure points and breathing technics that joi showed me. I can’t wait to go back.

– Samantha

As an allopathic physician, I came to Joi and Red Cricket Acupuncture with a healthy skepticism and was blown away. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine has been exceptionally helpful for my mood, migraines and fertility. Joi is professional, compassionate and a great teacher (for those interested in learning about the service they are receiving). The exam rooms are relaxing. The Yogi tea is a welcome touch. And the supportive staff is very sweet. I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

– K.H.

Joi is one of the most skilled practitioners I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her kindness and knowledge come through in all of the details, from the cup of tea in the waiting area to the precision of her diagnosis. I heartily recommend Joi to anyone looking for a helping hand in regaining or maintaining their health

– Nicole Duclos