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We educate you to become a healer, capable of listening to your mind, body, and emotions so that you may prevent future health conditions.

Brew Your Own Kombucha, class, education, workshop, minneapolis, fermented foods, gut health, mental health, colds and fluBrew Your Own Kombucha with Kimberly Lesik

Do you catch colds easily, have low energy, digestive issues, or struggle with mental health?

Fermented foods are KEY to keeping our bodies healthy and strong. Kombucha is a tea-based beverage with naturally occurring organic acids, active enzymes, and amino acids that can help detoxify and energize your body.  In this class, you will learn how kombucha is an inexpensive and powerful tool to maintaining the health of you and your family.

Fri, October 13th, 2017     6pm-8pm     $10

To Register:  Call 612-824-0037 or email

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th-2 Undercover Angels – Be the change!

Starting on April 1st, go to the Red Cricket Facebook page daily for suggestions of daily transformative and loving acts.

Why undercover angels?

Really, you can choose any term to describe yourself. I know that the term ‘angel’ can have many different meanings for different people. For me, angels mean so many things –

  • they are beings that proclaim the truth – even when the people they spoke to weren’t ready to hear it – they bring messages from the Creator
  • they are supreme protectors, and warriors of love
  • they are powerful agents of love and light

We have the within us the ability to be all of these things and more! We truly are miracle workers, and it’s time we claim this fact and bring it to light!

What will be do together:

  • we will start by being angels to ourselves – because we need to feed our hearts first before we give.
  • we will look at ways to feed those that we see everyday (those that are around us) could be family, coworkers, friends.
  • we will look at ways to support our community at large and our world, both the people, creatures and planet.
  • we will look at ways to receive support from and give love to the universe/creator/God/nature – all of the agents that have been begging to give to us all along.

Why would you consider this?

  • You have noticed that people/creatures/the planet are in need right now and you want to help.
  • You know you can do more and you are in a space where want to and can.
  • You know that love is stronger than fear, and you want to be a living testimony of that fact.
  • You want to get in touch with your own power.
  • You are not perfect, but you know that perfection isn’t a prerequisite for being a powerful agent of change.
  • You know that helping others and being a part of community is a essential part of living a healthy life.
  • You know that you are here on this planet to do miracles. That you are a miracle worker and you are ready to fully step into that role!

We all know deep in our hearts that we are powerful. Maybe we have forgotten this, or maybe we were forced to forget. Part of living a healthy life is by embracing our power. We are not victims, we are powerful agents of change. It’s time to step into this power…and we can do that through love, because love is the most powerful force there is.

Please like our posts or email us your name, so that we know you are participating and more people can see it. Feel free to add your experiences on the post. Tell us about what you did, how did it feel, also feel free to suggest future acts of good.