Undercover Angels, Day 3: Eating

undercover angels, eating, minneapolis acupunctureDay 3 of Undercover Angels, Eating

I hope that you are well and ready to start this beautiful week! ¬†Today let’s focus upon our eating. I would like to keep you away from the trap of what to eat, however. If we all could peacefully eat today we could start a revolution! See if you can take some time at one meal today to breathe and focus on the moment. What does the food feel like? How does it taste? How does it feel? Just breathe and see if you can feel your body being nourished, and feel some gratitude! Let your meal reinforce just how BLESSED you are!

How did things go yesterday increasing your water intake? I hope it went well, but if it didn’t, keep in mind that some of these core self care activities can be challenging to implement – if they were easy, more of us would be doing them! Please be ever so gentle with yourself as you continue to give yourself space to grow. I personally had a tough day…and I had planned it all along!!! Sometimes, I just have to remind myself that loving my imperfections is where the most growth occurs.

Breathe in peace, breathe out love. (or vice versa!)

We can do this!

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