Undercover Angels, Day 9: Listening

Day 9 of Undercover Angels – Listening More

listening, undercover angels, minneapolis, acupuncture, chinese medicineToday let’s try one that can be really challenging for some of us – try to spend the whole day (or one conversation) listening more than you talk. While they are talking, try to focus on the amazing miracle that is in front of you, and how lucky you are to have this moment to spend with them. Send then love and blessings…listen with your heart and your ears.

BONUS POINTS! If they are talking to you about something challenging, try not to give them your opinion unless they ask. You can even say something like, “Do you want my opinion, or would you like me to just listen?” It can feel so good to give them what they need!

Know that you are making this world a better place today!

So much love to you.

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