Undercover Angels, Day 2: Water

undercover angels waterDay 2 of Undercover Angels: Water

Good morning angels! How did it feel to take some time to breathe? Sometimes it can feel a little challenging at first, but I want to encourage you to keep at it. If you can stop 3 times a day and check in on your breathing it will make a world of difference!

Today we will move from air to water. We cannot survive long without water. We are 70% water. It hydrates and cleanses us – and it provides the fluid matrix that helps our body to communicate on the cellular level.

Wondering what an Undercover Angel is? Are you interested in reclaiming your power and helping create more love and light in our world?  Read more here.

Do you drink enough water? If so, yay! Today you can continue to focus on breathing, and/or find another activity that feeds you. If your body could use more water, see if you can begin to increase your intake. Base this more upon your body’s clues than the standard 8 cups a day. Try to drink until your pee is fairly clear, and your lips are moisturized. And definitely drink when your body says it’s thirsty.

Some people don’t like water, and often from a Chinese medicine point of view there is a really good reason for that. There are a few things you can do to help – flavoring your water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, drinking your water warm, or as a weak herbal tea. Angels – If you do drink enough water, do you have any hints for people who don’t, yet?

See if you notice any changes as you are more hydrated…

I know that many people focus on manicures and massages and the like when they think about self care, but what I have seen time and time again is that most people would benefit most from the simple vital things. We need to think about why it is okay for us to suffer – and gently and lovingly do our best to start giving ourselves what we need.

You can do this! Much love to all you light workers!