Undercover Angels, Day 10: Kindness

Day 10 of Undercover Angels – Undercover Kindness

undercover angels, kindness, minneapolis acupuncture, light workerToday you can do another kindness to someone around you – and this one should be fun! See if you can find someone that might need a little pick me up, and give them a little treat. Try to do it secretly!

You can give anything – a snack, a poem, a cute or funny photo, a flower from outside, an inspirational quote or even a note that speaks to how special they are. The sky’s the limit!

This little act can carry a big impact upon someone who is having a tough time, but it can also be so special for anyone. Feel how good it feels to support someone, and see how easy it is? You are a powerful person, and your actions can make a huge impact upon those around you…go make your miracle! (and have fun!)

Wondering what an Undercover Angel is? Are you interested in reclaiming your power and helping create more love and light in our world?  Read more here.

Thank you for creating a more gentle and sacred world.

You are a beautiful blessing to this world – and you are so loved!