Hooray for Kombucha!

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Hooray for Kombucha’s Amazing Health Powers

I have seen so many amazing transformations in my patients’ physical and emotional health when they have incorporated fermented food into their diet – and kombucha is one of the most BEST!

Why is it so great? Here are the three biggest reasons:

  1. Kombucha is easy to digest. Compared to yogurt and other dairy ferments which are often too rich for most people with weak digestion, kombucha is really easy on the tummy.
  2. It is extremely effective at delivering probiotics to your gut. Fermented foods are made to help establish and maintain a healthy microbiome (the diverse bacteria colony which will keep you happy and healthy).
  3. When you make your own kombucha it is very delicious, and very CHEAP! It is the least espensive of all fermented foods to make, costing literally pennies on the dollar. (the average bottle of homemade k-tea costs about 4 cents!!!)


Plus, kombucha gives your body much more than just friendlies. It is very high in B vitamins (which are depleted by stress, and help maintain a happy mood), it is slightly acid which helps establish a healthy pH in the stomach, it is even high in glucosamine – which repairs your joints! And that’s just a few of the other things is does!


Did you know that 60-80% of your health is related to the health of your digestive system? If you’ve had a lot of illnesses this winter, you should give kombucha or other fermented foods a try.


If you would like to learn all you need to know to make your own k-tea (I have been making it for many years, so I have lots of insights), sign up for our class on March 11 th from 6-8pm. It’s a fun class, and I guarantee you will have a healthier year! Call us at 612-824-0037 so we can get you signed up.