Undercover Angels, Day 4: Just Say No

undercover angels, just say noJust Say No – Day 4 of Undercover Angels

Good morning! Today let’s stay focused upon making space in our lives. We get to choose what is in our lives – and one really effective way to do this spring cleaning is by saying NO.

If you have spent any time with a toddler, you will probably remember that they really know the power of this word. In fact, it is one of the first words that toddlers avail themselves of – and boy do they!

Wondering what an Undercover Angel is? Are you interested in reclaiming your power and helping create more love and light in our world?  Read more here.

Do you still use this powerful word? (you were a toddler once!)

You can say NO to so many things – requests from others that you either don’t want to do, don’t have the time to do or you know will hurt you. You can say NO to ourselves – to the hurtful thoughts you might have – beating you, demeaning you, keeping you from your true spectacular self. You can say NO to the lies around and within you…about this amazing life you live, and about others within it.

NO is a resplendent word. It is a word of freedom. NO is a word that is the key to the door of the powerful life you deserve.

Please use it today – with your head held high!