Increase Your Vitamin D in 5 Natural Ways

by:  Joi Thomas, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.

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5 Natural Ways to Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is something that we hear more and more good things about every day. It has been linked to everything from forming strong bones, to maintaining a positive mood to preventing breast cancer. Every day there seems to be another discovery about how vital this nutrient is to a healthy, vibrant life.

The best way to have a healthy intake of vitamin D is by being outside in the sun. Did you know that our body makes it from sunlight? That’s why it feels so darn good! But, if you live in the north like us Minnesotans, you may need to find other ways to keep this important nutrient into your life.

Here are the main food sources…

  1. Fatty fish! Fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna are great sources of vitamin D. So are sardines especially when they are packed in oil.
  2. Portobello mushrooms! Some types of mushrooms are grown in UV light to increase vitamin D levels. This is great for vegans, because most vitamin D sources are from animal products.
  3. Egg yolks! Folks, you know how much I love egg yolks! They are not only high in vitamin D, but in other essential fatty acids which help maintain healthy mood and brain function.
  4. Beef Liver! There was a reason our grandparents ate a lot of liver – it’s really, really good for us. A healthy liver is so important because it is literally responsible for 100s of different jobs that keep us healthy. Eating liver will support your liver by giving it what it needs to do its work.
  5. Cod liver oil! This is not your parent’s cod liver oil! Today’s cod liver oil tastes a lot better (read: not like what you would think) and you can take it in capsule form if you really need to. Keep in mind that the source is very important – look for brands like Carlson’s, or Nordic Naturals. We also carry an exceptionally good brand at the clinic. 


Most people will need a good supplement. It is important to get a good source and talk to your physician about what the right amount would be for you.  Once your vitamin D levels are stabilized you will feel so much better! Some of my patients have noticed a big difference in just a day!