Midlife:  Crisis or Commencement?

October 11-November 15, 2017         Minneapolis, MN

Do you crave the ability to reclaim the forceful, self aware woman you once were?

 Midlife Crisis?  NOT YOU!  Use the power of midlife as a catalyst for transformation!

You know you didn’t work this hard in life to be confronted with a Midlife Crisis!!!  This ongoing retreat is a catalyst you can use to rocket yourself to WHO you really are, and WHAT you are meant to do with your precious life!

What is holding you back?  What if you could make a pilgrimage to your strength while in a community of powerful like-minded women to overcome your hurdles?

This retreat/pilgrimage is a unique opportunity to transform inertia in your life to progress towards creating the life that you always wanted to live.  Have you been settling for ho-hum, when you know that there is a miracle inside you crying to come out!  No more!  If you feel stuck and lost, you can’t afford to miss this event! 

Make this journey with us!!  Make that brave first step towards the powerhouse of a woman who is waiting for you.

If you are asking these questions, you would be a great fit for this group

  • how do I connect to my power and hard won wisdom within me?
  • how can I better hear my heart to let it guide me?
  • who am I, anyway?
  • what direction do I want to go with the rest of my precious life?
  • how can I better use my wisdom and power to benefit a world in need?
  • I have changed so much – how can I get in touch with the new woman I am becoming?
  • How can I honor the changes that are happening in my body instead of fearing them? 
  • How can I develop more loving kindness  and compassion for myself and others?


  • You are serious about finding your path in life and want to get to it.
  • Yearn to find a community who will support this powerhouse of woman that is you.
  • You are perimenopausal and you are struggling.

This is not a good fit for you if…

  • You know your heart, and have your future determined.
  • You want someone else to do the work for you.
  • You do not want to work in a community of women. 
  • You are not comfortable having honest communication with others or with yourself.
  • You do not want to free your true self.
  • You are having no challenging symptoms with menopause.
  • You do not want to take responsibility for your actions and are uncomfortable with forgiveness

Using our techniques you will come away with

  • Skills to create new habits that better support the woman and the life you want.
  • skills to better understand what you are feeling and how to work with your emotions in a empowering way.
  • skills to help you actually feel your feelings! (this is much harder than it sounds, believe me!)
  • develop new techniques to facilitate knowing yourself and therefore your true direction in life.
  • deepen your connection with your intuition
  • create a more authentic spiritual life
  • skills to connect more deeply to your community in ways that are more nourishing to your soul.

Highlights of this pilgrimage/ Tentative Itinerary

6 Wednesday evening classes from 6-8:30pm consisting of didactic learning, discussion time, meditation, homework/workbook assignments and journalling to complete during the week.

We will use Chinese medicine as a framework to build a connection to the wisdom your body is trying to give you by working with the five elements.  You will be AMAZED by the ancient wisdom, and comforted by the wisdom of nature all around you.

Week one:  We will jump in and experience the wisdom of water.  Water is associated with the emotion of fear – which that alerts you to stop and take in more information

Week two:  We will learn about Earth: digesting your experiences to lovingly determine your direction.  How to be present and process your life fully. 

Week three: Is all about Metal!  This emotion is grief and letting go of what no longer serves you.  How can you determine what needs to go?

Week four:  Hooray for Wood!!!  Now we will dig in and learn about anger – and using this powerful force to fuel your transformation!!!! 

Week five:  We will focus upon Fire: wisdom: synthesizing and feeding the sparks created by the feeling above to create your roadmap!  Then, using all of your emotional information to stay on track.

Week six: Creating ceremony. Taking stock and making vows (to yourself, others and to the universe)

2 acupuncture treatments (during office hours) are also included in this retreat! This includes individualized lifestyle and nutritional counseling and time to address any menopause symptoms your may be currently experiencing.

Your Investment:

For this inaugural offering, we are offering a HUGE discount.  This class will be offered at $2500.00, but we are offering it this time for $947.00. (over 60% off!!!!)   IF your heart is urging you forward, please consider listening.  This investment will transform your life…and if you don’t like the direction your life is moving, you are the only one that can grab that steering wheel and turn the wheel around!

Spots are limited to 12 women to ensure that everyone receives the personal attention they need to support their journey.

If not now, when?  Mid life is a time in our life that urges us to wake from our stupor and ACT.  It’s time to wake up!  We need the power that is YOU!  Now more than ever.

You are FINISHED listening to those who keep telling you

  • not now
  • be quiet
  • your needs don’t matter
  • you don’t matter
  • you don’t make a difference

You want to listen to your heart that is telling you lovingly to 

  • stand up
  • speak your truth
  • use your wisdom to serve

You realize that life is a GIFT – truly a limited time offer.  Maybe you don’t quite know exactly what you are supposed to do with it, but you are eager and ready to get the job done!!!  You would like some support and direction as YOU find your way!

Maybe you desperately need a tribe of like wonder women to support these truths as they come to life and celebrate how amazing you are!

As you begin your journey, my job is to help your get in touch with your support – Universal/spiritual: God/gods/universe/Love, angels, elementals, faeries, guides etc, Ancestral: those you have known, and those that you carry in your DNA, Earthly: nature.  

You can’t do this alone!

This group is about finding your gifts, connecting with your power and rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.  Your work can be big or small because really nothing is small and everything is BIG, if done with love and truth.


If you are interested in this exceptional opportunity, please contact us via email at or call the clinic at 612-824-0037.  We will send you a questionnaire to make sure that you would be a great fit for our group.  We want you to get the most out of this experience.  Once the application is received payment may be paid in full or broken into 3 payments of $337 due on the following dates:  10/11/17, 10/25/17, and 11/8/17.  

minneapolis acupuncturist, minneapolis herbalist, minneapolis acupunctureWho am I?

I am a loving powerhouse who was told that she was nothing.  

I was a spiritual, sensitive and connected child who was buffeted by a dysfunctional family and society that insisted that I couldn’t follow my heart because I was a poor girl with brown skin.  I am a fellow traveler like you who has been drawn to a bigger life, but told to settle.

Now I know that if our hearts can dream it, it can be.

Luckily I was always provided with support when I needed it.  Angels have always seemed to appear when I would open my heart – some in people or animal form, and some as literal angels.  They helped me see that my dreams deserved support because I am a precious being of light – and that we all are.  Their support bolstered me, and helped me to stare storms in the face and survive.  It made me comfortable doing so for others…holding space to let their miracle appear.  I always wanted to be a healer, but my challenges helped sculpt me into one.

When I was young, my Aunt told me everything comes down to love or fear.  I choose to live in love…and I also choose to live truth.  And the truth is that we are all sacred beings of love and light and we are all here for a sacred reason.  My passion is all about helping you to find your path and hear your heart whispering until it becomes a chorus.  That is what true healing is.  That is the type of healing work that I craved, and what my life and all of my suffering has prepared me for.

I always wanted to support people in healing truly, but it took some timer me to find a healing modality that supported healing in the fullest- richest sense.  I was pre-med in college, but very quickly saw that their model of healing (a working “machine” of a body) was limiting.  No one should settle for that!!!  I graduated with a degree in psychology, but found that that left out the role of the physical health and both models completely neglected the role of spirit.

It was through the process of raising my children and doing energy work on them that I was drawn to alternative healing methods and eventually found Chinese medicine.  It gave me word for the world I had experiencing all my life.

After college, I spent a good decade focusing on healing the trauma I experienced as a child.  At one point, while living on an island eight thousand miles away I was involved in a circle of women for two years of intense work.  I experienced profound shifts and saw that the spirit within us is a powerhouse capable of awe inducing miracles.  

Through my work with Chinese medicine I have seen so many transformative miracles.  This medicine holds that health is not only about a working body, and a recipient spirit but also WALKING YOUR SACRED PATH.  We all know this is true.

My sacred path is giving you the tools to find yours!

My job is creating a wave of love to transform the earth.  The way the world is going is wreaking havoc and full of lies – and that needs to END!

Join me in this pilgrimage.  This world needs all of you!





Registration: or 612-824-0037